Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Last One # 2

YAAAAY I have never been so happy to make a blog!!!!! This is the last blog I will ever HAVE to make. Although I kind of like the idea behind the blogs, it tends to fall in the back of my head when i have many other things to worry about like ANATOMY which is the hardest subject I have ever taken. English this year was fun I had some very Cool characters in my class like Berkley who is a crazy fun person who always bring a good laugh to the class or Davianna who is super smart and always seemed to make me feel like crap and like i haven't done enough but I appreciated it cause it kept me on my toes and made me want to actually read the stories so that i could keep up with her during class conversations. Thanks to all the other classmates who never really came to class who made our class A LOT smaller and a lot easier to talk freely. This semester has been very interesting but I am excited to see it go. I'm ready for the adventures of next semester and ready to move on completely. And to Mr. Sweeney, it's been a long ride I've been in your class since 101 and I was always excited for the next semester, your a great professor and an all around cool person.It's been fun people lets not do it again next Semester

                                                                                              Che'nyce Lewis


What have I done !!!!!

So this semester has not been the greatest for me I have been as my mom says "Slacking on my macing." My Papers have been kind of all over the place and i have really been kind of focused on other subjects. Every once in a while we do something that will grab my attention and make me excited to come to class. I am now seeing the consequences of what i have done. We are in week 15 with only 16 weeks in  the semester and i feel over whelmed with the things I still have left to do. I have to do the revisions on three of the four papers that i have are due in week 16. I have so much going on and in class we talked about getting all of this stuff done and it seems like when i think I'm on track and doing a good job something else is thrown on my plate today Mr. Sweeney reminded me that if I signed up for an A (Which I did ) we had to do a forum which is when we turn one of the papers we have written into a power point or some type of visual project which is really killing me cause as bad as i want an A a B isn't sounding to bad right now. But I'm in the final stretch and I'm going to push till the last minute.

Saturday, November 30, 2013


So in class we were talking about a movie called "Se7en" it's a pretty cool and gruesome movie. In this movie one of the character's that went by the name of John Doe was a mass murderer but truly believed he was doing gods work. He killed people who committed one of the seven deadly sins. this topic was the cause of a lot of conversations in my class, Sweeney liked to ask did we think John doe was a better person than one of the characters Summerset that was actually the detective on the case along with his partner Mills. Mr. Sweeney made the argument that Doe was a better person because he seen something wrong and he took action where as Summerset just turned the other cheek on all wrongs being done in the world. I think that even though Doe did do something about people committing one of the seven deadly sins he did in an absolutely heinous way. Summerset was a very intelligent detective who used logical evidence to solve cases he was having a really tough time with this case because he wanted to retire. I really like this movie and I am going to watch it again lol.

Friday, November 29, 2013

My weekend in Boston

On November 8 I went Boston Massachusetts were I am from to visit my with my family that I haven't seen in a really long time. Our trip served multiple purposes, it was my great uncles birthday and his sister my great aunt had a stroke about a month beforehand. My aunt has always been a very vibrant and  beautiful person. It was heartbreaking to find out that all  of her favorite things were no longer in reach. Her speech is impaired and she can only say a few basic words like yes no and uhhhhhaaaaaa and she can't walk without assistance and. For her and everyone else it  was very overwhelming. Through all of this it was awes to see that her personality was still shining through, she was doing her best to smile and enjoy her family all being together. My uncle couldn't have been happier. We had a wonderful family dinner and great family time. While in Boston I was out with my cousins and we pulled up to this sign that made me instantly bust into laughter . There an alcohol store there called "Sweeney's discount liquors" . I just wanted to say congrats to Sweeney for selling good discount liquor

The Symphony

So for one of my out of class assignments I went to see the Petersburg symphony. Going in to the  performance I was sure I wasn't going to like it because classical music really isn't my forte'. I appreciate it but for my its more of night time go to sleep music. I tried to open my mind and try to enjoy the show but I just could there were so many things wrong with it far beyond the genre of music. To begin the selections were all patriotic which wasn't that bad but it wasn't anything that I could really get in to. To top all this off  the performance was horrible to my ears. The symphony was really playing off key it sounded like a group of middle school children was playing. Sooo that was a loss for me but its ok it was a learning experience for me and maybe they were just having an off day.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


This week in my speech class we had an informative speech due and i actually realized how much work goes into putting a speech together. I used to think that it was just them getting up there with a few ideas on a paper and speaking from their head, but it's completely different we had to make outlines and do a bibliography it was just like writing a paper except for the fact that you don't have to have all the information written out because you will fill in the blanks as you do the speech. I did my informative speech on the misleading reputation of pit bulls. Pit bulls are dogs that are really close to my heart, i have had at least 10 pit bulls all together and they all have lived with cats because I love those to. Making the outline for this speech really got me thinking about the paper that I have to do for my English class all these papers seem to link together and i'm running out of things to say about the stories we have read. I am going to think way out of the box for this paper and hopefully that will work in my favor.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Lone Ranger

In class read a story called The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven. This story was about a Native American man who was very dissatisfied in his life, him and his girlfriend seem to have a love hate relationship, they argue all the time and he often takes walks to try to clear his mind. living in a place were racism was still very much alive he had to be careful where he wondered off to and how long he stayed. This story was good it kind of showed his battle with his self and the people around him. Of course being Native American he was from a reservation and everyone who lived on the reservation was expected to live there forever. When him and his girlfriend broke up he went back to the reservation where he felt even worse than before because him coming back pretty much proved his family right that he couldn't make outside of the reservation. The story kind of brought me to my own life and how i was the first person in my family to go to college, even though i n made it here i still have major anxiety that i wont make it where I want to be, but I have to be strong and do my best like he did in the story so that eventually I can end out on top.