Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Last One # 2

YAAAAY I have never been so happy to make a blog!!!!! This is the last blog I will ever HAVE to make. Although I kind of like the idea behind the blogs, it tends to fall in the back of my head when i have many other things to worry about like ANATOMY which is the hardest subject I have ever taken. English this year was fun I had some very Cool characters in my class like Berkley who is a crazy fun person who always bring a good laugh to the class or Davianna who is super smart and always seemed to make me feel like crap and like i haven't done enough but I appreciated it cause it kept me on my toes and made me want to actually read the stories so that i could keep up with her during class conversations. Thanks to all the other classmates who never really came to class who made our class A LOT smaller and a lot easier to talk freely. This semester has been very interesting but I am excited to see it go. I'm ready for the adventures of next semester and ready to move on completely. And to Mr. Sweeney, it's been a long ride I've been in your class since 101 and I was always excited for the next semester, your a great professor and an all around cool person.It's been fun people lets not do it again next Semester

                                                                                              Che'nyce Lewis


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  1. Class was interesting. Have a great winter break. See you next semester.